Hi Dania,
Die troue was fantasties! Dis net 'n jammerte ek moet vandag terug wees by die werk.
Baie dankie vir alles, alles het sooooo mooi gelyk!!! Ek kon nie vir mooier gevra het nie!!! Jy is awesome!!! Ek gaan beslis vir al my vriendinne van jou vertel, want hulle almal trou binne die volgende 2 jaar!
Baie dankie vir die foto's, want ek het nie die saal gesien voor al die mense in was nie! Ek sal vir jou foto's stuur sodra ek hulle kry!!!

Nogmals baie dankie.
Lekker dag.


Hello Dania,
I hope that you are thinking that "NO NEWS MUST BE GOOD NEWS!"
I apologise for not getting some sort of feed-back to you sooner, but you will
appreciate that the last few days have been some sort of a whirlwind......
to say the least!!

Well, once again you have 'outdone' yourself and the flowers were 'stunning'
as I fully expected they would see the final 'coming together' of
everything truly gave me 'goosebumps' even a 'lump' in the throat, as you know
I am somewhat passionate about flowers and am somewhat involved in 'doing'
flowers myself, but I can truly say that we were on the same 'page' right from
the start which I think you will agree cuts out a lot of the headaches.....
I am also aware that I could have given you a few headaches, but I know that
dealing with the amount of weddings and public that you do, you take a lot of
it in your stride, patience is obviously a strong virtue with you.!!!!!!!!!!

I am rambling on a bit, but in short THANK YOU and to your staff, as I am
'off' on Friday to London for the birth of our first grandchild, I will on return
make a 'draai' and pop-in to say hello and give you some well deserved

Morag Durrheim

Hi Dania
Thank you so very much for the flowers and decor!! They were beautiful.
The day went perfectly and we are extremely happy!
I will send some photo's as soon as I have them.

Kind Regards
Andrea Holte/Mulholland

Hi, Dania
Thank you for everything!! I almost cried when I walked into the hall on the
Friday afternoon before the wedding!
The decor was absolutely out of this world!!
Every single guest had something wonderful to say about the way things were
set up!

You definitely played a HUGE role in giving me my dream wedding!!
Everything went so well! Thanks again!!

I'll mail you some pics as soon as the professional photos have been sent to me. :-)